Best Drinking Games of All Time

Drinking games are a must have at any social gathering with friends and an abundance of liquor. Have some fun and use the ultimate ice breaker to get everyone involved in the party. We have the best drinking games split into numerous categories for you so you have options even with limited resources. We have games that may be played with or without cards, including some that may be played with as few as two people. It is also worth noting that the categories are not mutually exclusive, therefore, some games will be a part of multiple categories.

All Drinking Games

This category features all the drinking games available on the site.

Drinking Games With Cards

This category is home to all the drinking games on the site which will require a deck of cards to play.

Drinking Games Without Cards

If you don’t have a deck of cards, don’t worry — the drinking games in this category don’t need cards.

Drinking Games For Two

Drinking games aren’t only for large groups, these are the best drinking games you can play with only two people (including yourself).

Verbal Drinking Games

These games require verbal interaction. I have always found that these type of games are the most fun and intimate.

Luck Based Drinking Games

These games are heavily dependent on luck being on your side. Below is a sample of some of the games, however, Click Here or the “All Drinking Games” category above to assess all the best drinking games. We always welcome suggestions for more drinking games; link located near the top of the page.
  • Waterfall Drinking Game with Cards

    Yet another simple card game that can add life to any party, and like many other drinking games, the more people you have, the merrier it will be. It’s more fun with the same number of boys and girls, but no problem if your group is unevenly numbered. Think of …

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  • Circle of Death Drinking Game with Cards

    Circle of death, also known as the ring of fire, is a drinking card game popular among party lover of all ages. With the basic principles similar to that of Kings and Waterfall, it has a different set of rules when it comes to what each card stands for. Circle …

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  • Go Fish Drinking Game

    Go Fish is one of the most popular card games in the world because it is so easy to understand. In order to turn it into a drinking game, all you need is liquor, plus the cards of course. If you already know how to play Go Fish, skip the …

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  • Never Have I Ever (For Two People)

    This is a game that is typically played by larger groups but we’ve adjusted the game so it can be enjoyed by as few as two people. The basis of this game is stating something that you have never done, seen or experience, and if your partner has done it …

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  • Modified Flip, Sip or Strip

    Do you have a coin? Of course you do. How about some alcohol and a fun partner? Yes? Good. Flip the coin and have your partner guess the result. If he/she gets it right then it’s their turn to flip the coin. But we want them to get it wrong! …

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  • Kings Drinking Game Instructions

    The kings drinking game is definitely one of the best drinking games for large groups. Rules differ as there are several variations to the game but the rules I will be outlining are Classic Rules and the most known and used. To plays the kings drinking game, start out by …

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  • Across the Bridge

    Here we have another game that only needs a deck of cards and some drinks to get started. Start by dealing ten cards face down in a straight line. This line will be our bridge. Choose someone to go first, this player reveals the first card. If the card is …

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  • Crazy Eight

    For crazy eight, you will need a deck of cards and plenty of drinks. Any number of players can play. Start by lining out all the 8’s in the deck in a straight line (vertical or horizontal). The rest of the deck is then distributed evenly to the players in …

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